Welcome to Massatin Grooming!

Chicago-based Massatin Grooming is all about men’s hair, body and grooming care products. Buying grooming essentials from bigger companies is all good and well, but if you’re serious about the true upkeep of your treasured beard, mustache, or hair you definitely want to stick with Massatin Grooming. Massatin Grooming is a men’s grooming brand that is committed to providing high quality and the best in the men’s grooming industry.

Massatin Grooming carries essential items for men, including beard brushes, beard combs, body butters, scrubs, beard oils, soaps, grooming kits, to name a few. Although Massatin Grooming focus primarily on the health and wellness of men’s facial hair, the brand has since expanded into the realms of personal care, skincare, and others, thus boasting a conscientious mission for quality, value, and sustainability.

The growing obsession with youthful looks has triggered an increase in demand for skin and hair grooming products among men. As Massatin Grooming research new addition to its product line, they’re inspired by the vast landscape of women’s products out there and are adapting some of those products for use by men.

Massating Grooming products are exclusively distributed by Kruwear in their men’s grooming section.